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I got asked to be a part of this wonderful idea by none other than Sci-Fi & Fantasy writer James McAllister. According to his reviews, he’s done some pretty tasty stuff (sorry, James. I’m still yet to purchase those bad boys). So to find out more on the guy, feel free to visit his cushty little website at:


So! Let’s crack on!

Question One: What am I working on?

I am currently working on a compilation of short horror stories. As an avid, die-hard fan of H.P. Lovecraft, this is not only something that is personal to me, but is also my way of paying homage to him and his fans worldwide. And if anyone says “He’s ripping off Lovecraft!” I will merely say “Well done, you’re very observant.”

Question Two: How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

To be honest with you, it probably doesn’t. I know that’s probably the worst marketing strategy known to man, but truth be told, I haven’t read everything of its genre. So for all I know, when I think I’m being original, there is probably a lot of stuff out there that is very similar. You have to remember, there are a shit load of books out there, so why should mine be any different? I am only human, after all. However, I do try to steer clear of any cliches and stereotypes and I honestly do try to be as original as humanly possible. But like I said, I’ll never really know.

Question Three: Why do I write what I write?

I write what I write because I enjoy it. Simple as that. I love Sci-Fi and I adore horror. Always have done. And to be able to say that I contributed to it is more than a dream come true. Granted, the choice of genres I’ve gone for aren’t exactly “money makers”, but that’s not why I do it. I read great books by great authors and I feel I want to give something back. I’ll never be the next Frank Herbert or Stephen King, but who can say they can? So when it all boils down, I write what I write because I love it. I love giving people exciting stories, and I hope to give them scary ones. If I can say I gave someone nightmares, I’m happy.

Question Four: How does my writing process work?

Well, let’s see. I will come up with a small idea (like a one line synopsis) and then I ask myself a load of “what if” questions. A lot of people write their beginning, middle and end before starting their work. I don’t. Because once I start writing, that’s it, mate! I pick up new ideas that completely steer away from the original plot line. It’s magical when it happens, because it almost feels as if the story is being told to you yourself. And it’s great when that happens. I usually do the norm of knocking out two-thousand words a day (if I can, I’m a busy man). But like Stephen King always says (and I believe this to be very important): “When you’re not writing, you should be reading”. Great advice there, kids. I also have to habit of editing way too early, which most writers tend to throw their pens at me for. I don’t do the usual “write the first draft and then leave it in a draw for six weeks and do the second draft” thing. I edit and trim the fat chapter by chapter. It works for me. And like any craft: “Just because you’re not doing it their way, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it the wrong way!”

Question Five: Add a little example of your work.

An excerpt from ‘Olympus A.D.’:


Jack Tatton stood in the centre on the room, surrounded by neon anime styled posters that shone in the black light of the tacky had-been rock star’s apartment. In front of him stood a glass coffee table. On top of it was an almost empty bottle of Brass Bullet bourbon, and next to it laid a small twelve by nine mirror; striped with lines of top dollar cocaine. Beyond the small glass island, sprawled out on the red vinyl sofa was Mickey ‘Mayhem’ Matheson, the lead singer of The Fluorescent Spiders. A multi-platinum Psytrance-Punk fusion band. Beyond that, up the wall behind him, was the contents of his head. Jack had done the job to the letter. As usual.

Jack had fired off three rounds. Two in the throat. One in the head. A deadly trinity known as The Hitman’s John Hancock. The downside to this, was that the police would know it was a professional job. The upsides were one: the police would know it was a professional job, and would have their work cut out for them. And two: there was no chance of the target getting up.

Jack used a silencer on for the task, but may as well had not bothered. The sound of Mickey’s band’s CD was playing loudly throughout the apartment.

He parties to his own music? Arrogant prick.

Jack made his way over to one of the three doors to his right. He knew that the kitchen was empty, as it was directly behind him when he put three 9mm rounds into Mickey. First door was the bathroom. It was surprisingly tasteful with its minimalistic style of white tiled floors and walls, and black bath, toilet, sink & medicine cabinet. No one was in there. The next door the master bedroom. Again, it was very stylish, very similar to the bathroom, only it had pale laminate flooring to accompany the white walls. There was a black framed fireplace on the far side the room, opposite the bed. It was dressed in white linen, but had black throw pillows that matched the rug and curtains that covered the entire wall opposite the door Jack had just entered. Probably just one huge window with French doors, leading to a balcony. The next room was an office of sorts. A computer sat on a wooden desk, and around it were bookcases littered with awards and paperbacks.

Wow, Mr Rock star can read. Must be what the awards are for. Well done, you!

Satisfied with the lack of eye witnesses, Jack leaves.

In the elevator leading to the lobby, Jack Tatton asked himself a question he hadn’t asked himself for years since starting his profession.

Why this guy?



Gregor Cole:

Old friend/troublemaker Gregor Cole is a talented young horror/gore writer who has published/posted his nightmarish short tales all over the gaff. He’s like a modern H.P. Lovecraft, only without the pretentiousness, bigotry and vocabulary. So if you’re into your crazy horror/sci-fi/gore tales, he’s worth looking into.


Shaun Michael O’Neal:

Another horror writer who has had one full length novel named “The Evil in the Dark” and a 13 short story horror compilation called “Garden of Shadows”. He has been very well received in the horror community and has even kept up his editors with nightmares of evil clowns and such! Well worth a butchers, and you can find him here:



About the Author

A.J. Waters

A.J. Waters

A.J. Waters is a Sci-Fi & Horror writer from England. His first novella entitled ‘Olympus A.D.’ was released worldwide on May 7th 2014. With a huge love and passion for Sci-Fi & Horror, he hopes to continue contributing to the genres with many more volumes and hopefully (soon) a full length novel.